Thursday 25th June 2020

#icycletoworkeven if you are working from home!

Do you cycle to work? Or is this something you always wanted to try to see if you were up to it? Especially for you, each year we organise an ‘I cycle to work’ day!

Now more than ever, we all realise just how precious our health is and we are all finding out just how good for us cycling is. So join us as we cycle to work, even if you are working from home! Cycle along and enjoy a bike ride in your local area as a token of solidarity on the day, which is certain to give you your daily dose of exercise.

Each year, we support a charitable cause. This year you can do your bit for Habbekrats without further obligations. The money raised is used to buy children’s bikes for deprived children.


How will you participate?

Number of participants2.599
Number of kilometres64.195 km
Habbekrats vzw€ 2.759

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